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For business owners here in Illinois, energy costs are a large (and unnerving) expense. With the unpredictability of energy prices and a high demand for consistent electricity, the energy needs of your business require careful consideration. A step towards commercial solar energy is a step in the right direction for many reasons, and at WCP Solar, we understand the importance of dependable, clean and affordable electricity.


So why should you trust the WCP Solar team with your commercial solar installation? As a licensed, bonded and insured full-service engineering firm, our expertise is unmatched in the state of Illinois. In addition, we will work alongside you from start to finish.

The WCP Team of Engineers & Designers

Before a single panel is installed, an efficient and lasting solar photovoltaic (PV) system begins with expert design. This is what puts WCP Solar heads above any other solar installer in Illinois. Our team of experienced architectural, electrical and structural engineers brings over 30 years of on the job experience and knowledge into each custom solar design. This experience, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the local climate and any available manufacturer rebates or tax incentives, means your new commercial solar PV system will convert as much sunlight into electricity as possible, while costing you less and lasting for decades to come.

Accomplish Your Energy Goals

Are you looking to run a greener, cleaner business here in Illinois, or are you hoping to spend less on energy costs for the foreseeable future? Solar energy can accomplish both of those goals, when your commercial solar installation is entrusted to the experts. With solar panels installed on your business or property, you can experience benefits like:

  • Lower energy costs

  • A reduced carbon footprint

  • Isolation from unpredictable electricity prices

  • Increased property value


The WCP Solar team will work alongside you from beginning to end to make sure your new commercial solar PV array accomplishes all of the goals you have for the electricity your business uses each day. For a brighter, cleaner and richer future, trust WCP Solar with your commercial solar installation.

Looking to power your business using clean and green energy? WCP Solar designs and installs commercial solar arrays across the state of Illinois. Call us at (630) 364-2489 or contact us for a free solar quote!

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