More and more property owners, companies, and residential homeowners are seeing the value of solar energy every day!  The green energy movement, specifically solar energy, is in demand and growing by leaps and bounds. Solar energy provides a viable solution for American’s increasing concern for the rising energy prices, the threat of national security, and wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.  It’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular!

The energy that is produced by a Photovoltaic System (PV) will serve your home or business to reduce your current electric cost. However, if the PV system produces more electricity than the home needs at any given time, the excess energy is used as a credit. The excess electricity to the customer is in essence sold back to the electric company, in effect turning the electrical meter backwards. This is called "Net Metering," and the credit will appear on the monthly electric bill.

Concerns about our national security consequences have been a strong advocate in reducing the oil we import from other countries. Our dependence for oil from other countries has strained our country economically, politically and militarily. Among many other renewable energy sources, solar energy will be the single leading energy source in moving the U.S. closer to being “Energy Independent”. Energy independence refers to reducing our need for other countries to provide our source of electrical power, meaning that we could reduce the amount of oil that we import from other countries making us a more self-sustaining country.

Using solar energy is a great way to not only save money, but also to help the environment.  A 5-killowatt solar system can reduce greenhouse gasses by up to 9,000 pounds per year! According to the International Panel of Climate Change, electricity production that is generated by coal-fired power plants accounts for more than one-third of U.S. global warming emissions. Increasing solar energy through Photovoltaic Solar systems will directly combat greenhouse gas emissions and make the air we breathe brighter, richer and cleaner. Solar systems generate electricity without adding any air pollution.

It is estimated by scientists that the sun, in its current form, is half way through its life span and has about 5 billion years left. Let’s face it, that is a lot of centuries of solar energy! The sun can provide more energy in one hour than the entire world can provide in one year. The advantages of solar are clear: greater independence from imported fossil fuels, a brighter, richer and cleaner environment and relief from the volatility of energy prices.



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