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February 6, 2019

As a Scientist, I am only too aware of the biases that ensue when ‘so-called‘ facts are presented. It is almost impossible for facts to be presented without a hidden agenda. However, I will attempt to introduce a few facts as a comparison between Oil and Solar in as natural a manner as possible. I will leave you to draw the conclusions and further hope to leave my bias at the door.


Energy derived directly from the sunEnergy derived from fossil fuel
Energy source will never be exhausted in our lifetimeEnergy source is finite and located in only certain locations in the earth
Energy must be converted into electricity or heat using solar converters such as photovoltaic cells, thermal cells, mirrors, or ovens.Energy must be converted into electricity or heat by the use of converters that use fire to burn the oil, such as: turbines, engines, and fire
Energy can be used directlyEnergy cannot be used directly
Converters are passive and once commissioned will operate for years without maintenanceConverters are active and have several moving parts. These will require extensive maintenance to operate for extended periods
Energy is only directly available during the periods of sunshineEnergy is available at all times as long as the fuel is available
Amount of energy decreases as the latitude increasesThe amount of energy produced is not a function of the location at which it is being used
Zero pollutions is produced by the convertersSignificant amount of pollution is produced by the use of fossil fuel
Zero health effects from the use of the solar convertersThe pollutions from the use of oil may cause respiratory and other health hazards
Energy produced by the converters may be stored in batteries, vats and hot water tanksNo storage medium needed
Converters for transportation is limited as few electric vehicles are on the marketOil is the primary fuel for transportation
The levelized cost of energy for solar systems is now comparable to that of oilThe levelized cost of energy for oil systems is now comparable to that of solar
The cost to install a solar system requires a capital expenditureThe cost to install a new oil electric plant is much larger than a solar plant but most oil plants have already been established and operational
Solar electric plants are the only systems that can be developed and installed on any scale, small, medium of largeOil electric plants require extensive capital and are often only used for medium and large scale systems
Solar plants are the simplest to be installed and used the least amount of partsOil plants are often significantly complicated and requires extensive training to develop



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