kane county ground mounted solar farm
January 15, 2018

One might say that we are in a world greedy for energy, a world that gorges itself on more and more fuel day after day. It is a reality that, even in the most destitute places in the world, the major sources of energy is the supply of fossil fuel. This fuel is used to power our houses, our cars, and our businesses. Every aspect of our lives is touched by fossil fuel every day (more precisely, every second) of our lives. We are totally addicted to fossil fuel. If you disagree, I dare you to go a day, or even a single hour without using any fossil fuel or any product fueled by this energy source.  I asked a friend of mine this morning to tell me what he thought would happen if we should cut off the supply of oil in our country and he suggested that we would experience total anarchy and I completely agree with him.

Fossil fuel is the primary energy source but are there other sources of energy that are equally viable, affordable, sustainable, or reliable?

Whether or not there is global warming, we all agree that fossil fuel causes pollution which leads to health problems for us and our children. Therefore, the proliferation of the use of fossil fuel is a source of health problems and is generally not a good thing. So, are there other sources of energy that are cleaner and better for our health? Let’s discuss this, void of political overtones.

All these questions are ones that we should all face in one way or another. I suggest that if we are truly honest with ourselves, we ignore that we have allowed ourselves to be consumed by the oil industry. With every election or every momentary increase in the price of oil, we become agitated and note that oil is important to us and when things settle down again, we again become comforted by the cradle of the oil monster.

We really need to face this issue head on and deal with it before it is too late. We cannot be afraid to discuss these issues at the expense of our lives and that of our children.



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