man in front of ground mounted solar panels
February 8, 2017

It is interesting to note that whereas those people who trumpet personal responsibility seem to have no regard for the planet in which we all live. It is very easy to declare that we are not affecting the earth in any way and cast a blind eye to the facts that are staring us in the face. The fact is, if we do nothing, then the consequences could be significant. Are we willing to simply ignore the issues, however small they may be, and wish that the cry for helping to protect the environment is all a fake? Can we really afford that risk, especially when there are better alternatives? Where is the personal responsibility in that?

I am utterly amazed that people are so keen on supporting the fossil fuel consumption campaign when there are so many healthier, cheaper, and more sustainable systems of energy production available. What is it that is so great about fossil fuel, anyway? Is it the sending of trillions of our hard earned dollars to the Middle East that is appealing? Is it the fact that we are comfortable in our skins and it doesn’t matter until it affects us personally? The only time we seem to lift our heads and pay attention, is when gas prices increase. This sense of apathy is what has lulled the world to enter into several wars and caused countless empires to fall.

We cannot just sit by and do nothing, we have to get involved and help to find a solution and not just accept that the outcome is inevitable. People, what are your proposals, what should we do? I am tired of hearing criticisms with no suggestions. You cannot just wait for the Liberals to come up with an idea and then try to prove them wrong.

I am by no means saying that all the facts are in and that the issues are all foregone conclusions but so far, the evidences are not encouraging us to be apathetic.



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